Ambassador is a discovery platform for people interested in buying a home. Ambassador's AI assistant, Ambi connects homebuyers with their most desirable home through curated search and lifestyle preferences leveraging machine learning algorithms. 

#1 Lots of data but no insight

Unlike listing sites, Ambi presents property data which is relevant to your lifestyle and aspirations. Ambi asks relevant questions in order to find you the right home. 

#2 Too much time spent on research

People performs large amount of research alone i.e peer advice, search engines. Ambi does the research for you and presents insights only relevant to your search.  

#3 Lack of advice

Most people do not take financial advice before buying a home  even though it is one of the major financial decisions they are about to make. Our AI assistant, Ambi, acts as a trusted advisor thorughout the search process. 

Set up goal

Create a profile with lifestyle & preferences, select a suburb you are interested in and search.

Performs match

Ambassador matches you with properties according to your lifestyle data and presents suggestions.

Recommendation by AI engine

You provide feedback on the suggestions (accept or reject). Platform learns your preferences and over time presents properties with higher match possibilities. 

Feature 1 - AI personal assistant

AI assistant, Ambi helps analyse your options and buying choices just like a trusted friend does.

Feature 2 - Rich data

Rich data about property pricing through the lens of suburb profile, street location and town planning to help you make informed decision.

Feature 3 - self-learning

Powerful AI algorithms that discover and learn patterns about your property search behaviours to present best recommendations. 

Ambassador's machine learning platform is underpinned by 2 cross- disciplinary areas to provide a curated search experience for home buyers.

Deep learning

Learning model for prediction and advice 

Behavioural finance

Cognitive theory with conventional finance