Ambassador is a multi-faceted research and advisory platform for people interested in buying a home. Ambassador provides personalised search and advises best property to invest in using power of machine learning.

platform for customers

Intelligent search and advanced data analytics for desired properties (i.e but much better)

"currently customer takes 6-8 months to purchase a property over 32 weekends, 1 hour online daily on Domain or realestate". 

platform for Brokers

Engagement channel for customers to turn lead into customers 


"Broker and customer usually exchange infomraiton through email/fax/phone/text. Follow-ups are harder and broker looses visibility of customer's interest and xx hours of wasted effort" 

PLatform for Real estate agents

Advertisement and and engagement channel


"Currently 2 dominant channels to advertise are Domain and Realestate. Real estate agents still publish newsletters, emails to keep customers engaged. One sided communications and lack of customer interaction"


Enter amount to invest

  1. Returns property news    and data
  2. Prediction and recommendation

Broker network

  1. Works with customers to keep financials relevant
  2. Finalises with financial institution

AI personal assistant

  1. Guides the purchase and settlement process until complete

Ambassador's machine learning platform analyses data on historical performance on property value, matches customer requirements, enriches search over time using behavioural finance and and gives recommendation using machine learning algorithm.

Deep learning

Provides learning from historical experience

predict & Advice

Smart predictive model 

Behavioural finance

Provides personalised advice