Why Ambassador

Finding the right product to buy is not always easy. Try an e-commerce site for a perfect pair of jeans and a food aisle for a certain type of sauce. It is almost impossible to find the product without hours of search. We are about to change that through a curated search experience and with the aid the artificial intelligence.

The idea is simple

Ambassador finds a product according to customers' personal preferences. Our platform asks questions to pin point exactly what the customer is looking for and presents a curated list of items to choose from.  Our platform learns these preferences through customer interactions on the platform and refines the recommendation with each new search. Overtime, platform becomes a trusted companion like a friend who is able to assist in decision making. 

Introducing AI digital assistant, Ambi

Ambi is our intelligent chatbot which uses natural language processing engine to receive, interpret and respond to customer. Ambi is powered with a real-time data streaming in order to analyse and process vast amount of information instantly.  

AI chatbot, Ambi is an intelligent application which is hosted on the website. If a customer looks for a pair of jeans, it asks questions like 'type of jeans', 'occasions of buy', 'budget', 'current favourite pair' to understand customer's need. Ambi then presents a curated list of jeans and revises suggestions until customer finds the perfect pair. This saves customers time by not having to going through 100s of items on the site. 

AI chatbot, Ambi, is hosted on the property listing sites. When a customer searches for a house, it asks questions about life style, aspirations, must-have lists etc to help navigate the site and find the right property faster. 


About the founder

Shamima Sultana

I studied computer science in UNSW and spent most of my banking career in technology strategy and architecture delivering home lending and digital banking products. I am immensely proud of my professional career spreading across big 4 Australian banks which not only gave me exposure into complex banking world but also through which I gained experience in developing cutting edge technology products keeping millions of customers in mind. 

After a decade of working, I have decided to venture out on my own and I am aiming to solve business problems with my expertise in AI and experience in banking.

Ambassador is our first product where we will provide a home buying platform using AI first methodology in design and development. We aspire to build a product which will make people excited about the prospect of owning a home, the ultimate Australian dream.