Ambassador is a AI powered research and advisory platform for people interested in buying a home. Ambassador predicts best property to invest in using behavioural search patterns.

it all begins with the search

Home buying process begins with search, not with a deposit. We believe search is the single important aspect of home buying journey. Through search we discover the likings of particular area or the time it will take for the deposit. Search also guides us to think about our life journey i.e like schools are important in the area. Sometimes knowing what we want is the biggest challenge of all.

Welcome to Ambassador where we help customers find the perfect home with the power of AI. 

Process Overview


Step 1

Enter amount to invest, terms of investment, 

  1. Returns 10 best desired property which fits the criteria
  2. Customer goes through a vetting process for each

Step 2

For each customer response, ML engine fetches the next property and simultaneously learns customer behaviour and refines the model(i.e likings, expectations) 


Step 3

Over time, the model predicts more accurately the desired property for the customer


Feature 1 - For Customer - Find the perfect property

Find the perfect property. 

Feature 2 - AI personal assistant

Guides the purchase and settlement process.


Feature 3

Manage fulfilment and maintenance ongoing.


Ambassador's machine learning platform analyses data on historical performance on property value, matches customer requirements, enriches search over time using behavioural finance and and gives the best recommendation using machine learning algorithm.

Deep learning

Provides learning from historical experience

predict & Advice

Smart predictive model 

Behavioural finance

Provides personalised advice